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Nina Lytton: Confidential Strategic Advisor

As your confidential strategic advisor, I'll help you structure your situation for success.

We'll map out the most pragmatic steps to the best outcome long term.

Strategic reality check
Working at all levels from market intelligence to internal alignment, I will find the disconnects and tell you what you need to know.

Marketing so people get it
Let's zero in on positioning and messaging that gets customers to act.

Meetings of the mind
I'll help you design and lead meetings that gain alignment and galvanize action on critical priorities across your business ecosystem.

I work at the intersection of technology and business.

In a world where new possibilities unfold every day, I'm fascinated only by how the story comes true.

I'm most useful at the strategic phase of a project, where you're charting the course. I'll help you see around the corners and behind the rocks. We'll plot the most pragmatic route to where you need to go.

You can rely on me to catalyze forward movement and illuminate the challenge with positive energy. I care about what's right for your business.

Contact Nina Lytton to get closer to your answer.